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This knowledge game utilises extremely sophisticated variable logic to allow for free game flow.


In a dark area of civilisation, your character is the only hope of restoring peace to earth, from the hands of the evil emperor Salsatine. Your goal is to conquer each of the 6 continents and defeat the dark lord.


The demo contains 78 different questions (6 sets of 10 questions relative to each continent + 6 sets of 3 static questions for the friendly characters in the game).

You can buy upgrades such as shields (skips the current question) swords (increases the damage dealt to your opponent) and health potions (increase your health).


You can only play the first 5 episodes (out of 18).

The Conqueror (Game Demo)

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Project Name The Conqueror
Output Resolution 1000x750px
Compatibility Flash, iPad
Project Size (slides) 175
Language English
Duration (est.) 60 min